Big Ten Academic Alliance Academic Leadership Program

Led by the Committee on Executive Leadership, the Big Ten Academic Alliance offers an intensive Academic Leadership Program to develop the leadership and managerial skills of faculty who have demonstrated exceptional ability and academic promise.

The annual Big Ten Academic Alliance (BTAA) Academic Leadership Program (ALP) invites up to five high-potential faculty from each participating institution to take part in three interconnected seminars emphasizing a specific topic, such as human resources and leadership, budget and resource management, and the future of the research university.

The primary objectives of the ALP are to (1) identify faculty who have demonstrated exceptional ability and administrative promise; and (2) prepare participants for future leadership roles through a program including seminars and individual campus activities. The program is perceived by participants as highly effective in providing leadership development and networking opportunities.

ALP participants attend a series of three seminars throughout the year that are held at BTAA institutions on a rotational basis. Because these seminars are a crucial component of the program, participating faculty are expected to adjust their schedules so that they are able to attend all three programs. In addition to the seminars, BTAA ALP fellows participate in monthly meetings on the Illinois campus designed to familiarize them with campus leaders, campus units, and campus strategic goals.

Individuals nominated by their respective college should be tenured faculty, preferably at the full professor rank. Ideal candidates are those who have recently assumed an administrative position or are expected to assume one in the near future. Faculty who are not in administrative positions but who serve as leaders in the department, college or campus through committee assignments or other such work are also good candidates for the program. The Office of the Provost provides funding support for up to five individuals from across the campus to participate in the ALP.

Current BTAA Academic Leadership Program Fellows

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Previous BTAA Academic Leadership Program Fellows