Provost’s Communications

Provost’s Communications are designed to assist units with recruiting, evaluating, and retaining academic personnel of the highest quality, and to guide faculty and staff in their academic careers at Illinois.

Please contact the appropriate Provost’s staff member to answer questions regarding any of the Provost’s Communications.

Recently Updated Provost’s Communications:

Communication #2: Offering Academic Positions, Offer Letter Templates, have been updated and are effective as of September 2017.
Communication #1: Budgetary Principles and Practice
, Section III. Budget Review Process, has been updated and is effective as of July 2017.
Communication #6: Named Faculty Appointments has been updated and is effective as of January 2017.
Communication #9: Promotion and Tenure
has been updated and is effective as of May 2017.

Planning and Budgeting


Promotion and Tenure

Retirements, Resignations, and Termination of Faculty and Staff

Probationary Period/Tenure Track Faculty




Specialized Faculty