Awards & Recognition

Awards & Recognition

Illinois is committed to supporting and recognizing the achievements of our faculty. We do this by facilitating nominations for highly prestigious awards, providing information about notable disciplinary awards, supporting units in the award nomination process, and promoting faculty accomplishments through recognition and development programs.

Campus Awards and Honors

Faculty are formally recognized with a number of campus awards, honors, and distinctions.

National and International Awards

Recognition of the exceptional scholarship and achievements of our faculty with external awards and honors is an important component of institutional rankings and reputation. Please contact the Major Awards Coordinator for more information.

Award Nomination Opportunities

The Office of the Provost periodically notifies campus community members of award nomination opportunities. These announcements include information about achievement awards with approaching nomination deadlines and certain funding opportunities that do not have limited submission restrictions. Illinois faculty and staff are encouraged to subscribe to this announcement.

Resources and Tools

The Provost’s Office offers resources and tools designed to provide faculty, staff, and units with information about, and access to, faculty awards and nomination processes. Log in with your University of Illinois credentials to access these materials from the Provost Awards Box folder.


Please contact the Major Awards Coordinator in the Office of the Provost at for additional resources, assistance, or for help in establishing or strengthening your unit’s award nomination process.