The following committees are appointed by and report to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost.

Advisory to Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost

Budget and Resource Planning

          • Budgeting Reform Steering Committee

            This committee is charged with guiding the initiative to reform our approach to budgeting to serve our fundamental goal of excellence in all we do.

            Charge Letter 2016-17 (PDF)

            Committee Members

            John Wilkin, Dean of Libraries and University Librarian, Chair
            Matthew Ando, Professor and Chair, Department of Mathematics
            Jeff Brown, Dean, College of Business
            Clare Crowston, Professor and Chair, Department of History
            Barb Geissler, Executive Assistant Dean, College of Education
            Michael LeRoy, Professor of Labor and Employment Relations, Chair, Senate Budget Committee
            Klara Nahrstedt, Professor of Computer Science, Director, Coordinated Science Laboratory
            Paul Ellinger, Vice Provost for Budget and Resource Planning, ex-officio
            Jamelle Sharpe, Professor of Law, Provost’s Fellow, ex-officio

            Campus Budget Advisory Task Force (CBATF)

            The Budgeting Reform Steering Committee was formed as a result of the work of the Campus Budget Advisory Task Force (CBATF) and the recommendations made in its final report dated June 2016. Charged in November 2015, CBATF was an advisory body to the Chancellor and Provost, working with the Council of Deans and through shared governance with the Senate. CBATF’s initial focus was on fundamental questions surrounding the campus’s historic budget allocation model, the implications of continued declines in General Revenue Funds, and the size of the campus’s administrative functions.

            Charge Letter 2015-16 (PDF)
            CBATF Mid-year Update (February 2016) (PDF)

            CBATF Final Report (June 2016) (PDF)
            Provost’s Communication to Deans, Directors and Department Heads (July 2016) (PDF)

            Task Force Members

            Matt Ando, Professor, Mathematics, Chair
            Fouad Abd El Khalick, Professor, Curriculum and Instruction
            Andrew Alleyne, Professor, Mechanical Science and Engineering
            Anne Barger, Clinical Professor, Pathobiology & Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
            Clare Crowston, Professor, History
            Mitchell Dickey, President, Illinois Student Senate 2014-2016
            Paul Ellinger, Professor, Agricultural and Consumer Economics
            John Lockmiller, Executive Assistant Dean, Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
            Melanie Loots, Executive Associate Vice Chancellor for Research
            Nolan Miller, Professor, Finance
            Silvina Montrul, Professor, Spanish and Portuguese
            Valleri Robinson, Associate Professor, Theatre
            Kim Shinew, Professor, Recreation, Sport and Tourism
            Linda C. Smith, Professor, Library and Information Science
            Mike Yao, Associate Professor, Advertising and Journalism
            Vicky Gress, Executive Associate Provost for Budget and Resource Planning, ex officio

          • Campus Budget Oversight Committee (CBOC)

            The Campus Budget Oversight Committee will take part in discussions about budget, resource allocation, and strategic planning for the academic units of the campus.

          • Data Management Committee

            This committee is charged with assessing university data resources and developing and implementing a plan to enhance university resources for data management.

            Charge Letter 2016-17 (revised) (PDF)

            Committee Members

            Amy Edwards, Division of Management Information, Chair
            Kelly Bridgewater, Office of Chief Information Officer
            Jana Diesner, Information Sciences
            Meghan Hazen, Office of the Registrar
            Heidi Imker, Library Research and Publication
            Joanne Kaczmarek, Library Archives
            Melanie Loots, Office of Vice Chancellor for Research
            Suzanne Rinehart, Provost’s Budget Office
            Beth Scheid, Office of Chief Information Officer

          • Dean’s Budget Committee
            Coming soon.
          • Technology Services Rate and Funding Committee

            Coming soon.

Capital Planning


              • Committee on Access and Accommodations (CCAA)

                The CCAA is charged with leading the campus effort to develop a comprehensive and actionable diversity strategy that includes attention to recruitment, training, education, research, communication, policy, and governance at campus and unit levels.

                Charge Letter 2016-17 (PDF)

                Committee Members

                Julie Hengst, Chair
                Mylinda Grander, Vice Chair
                Keith Hays
                M.T. Hudson
                Kathleen Hug
                JoAnn Jacoby
                Katherine Johnson
                Carl Lewis
                Patricia Malik
                Joe Minarik
                Maureen Mosley Banks
                Timothy Offenstein
                Steve Parksons
                Kathie Pound
                Todd Short
                Jimmy Sellas
                James Shriner
                Heather Wright
                Medra Roberts-Southerland, ex-officio

              • Committee on Race and Ethnicity (CORE)

                Charge Letter 2016-17 (PDF)

                Committee Members

                Ronald Bailey, Chair
                Vacant, Vide Chair
                Amira Al Mutairi
                Ave Alvarado
                David Chih
                Janice Collins
                Ivanhoe Favila
                Gioconda Guerra Perez
                Laura E. Hamilton
                Jonathan Inda
                Herbert Jones
                M. Lydia Khuri
                Tanisha King-Taylor
                Soo Ah Kwon
                Joycelyn Landrum-Brown
                Leslie Morrow
                Kevin Mumford
                Kimberly Otchere
                Gigi Secuban
                Jamie Singson
                Wallace Southerland, III
                Medra Roberts-Southerland, ex-officio

              • Diversity Realized at Illinois by Visioning Excellence (DRIVE)

                The DRIVE Committee is focused on supporting and accelerating department-, school- and college-level efforts to recruit faculty members and postdocs from traditionally underrepresented populations.

                Charge Letter 2016-17 (PDF)

                Committee Members

                Wendy Heller, Chair
                Matthew Ando
                Tami Bond
                Ollie Watts Davis
                Nicki Jene Engeseth
                B. Chris Green
                Matthias Perdekamp
                Lois Hoyer
                Aric Rindfleisch
                Jamelle Sharpe
                Linda Smith
                David Tewksbury

              • Enhancing Diversity, Guiding Excellence (EDGE) Council
                Coming soon.
              • Gender Equity Council (GEC)

                The GEC advocates policies, sponsors programs, and monitors progress toward creating a gender-equitable and inclusive climate for faculty at Illinois.

                Charge Letter 2016-17 (PDF)

                Committee Members

                Rosa Milagros Gilbertz Santos, Chair
                Jennifer Bernhard
                Robert Hughes
                Cindy Ingold
                Harley Johnson
                Nadya Mason
                Erik McDuffie
                Colleen Murphy
                Maria Ochoa Woods
                Sandra Rodriguez-Zas
                Peter Sauer
                Kelly Tappenden
                Marci Uihlein
                Jaya Yodh
                Medra Roberts-Southerland, ex-officio

              • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Concerns (LGBTQ)

                The LGBTQ Committee is charged with building community among the LGBTQ communities, increasing the visibility of the achievements of LGBTQ faculty and academic professionals, assisting in shaping LGBTQ friendly policies to improve the working and learning climate at Illinois and working collaboratively with other diversity committees and stakeholders.

                Charge Letter 2016-17 (PDF)

                Committee Members

                Ramona Oswald, Chair
                Alejandro Gomez, Jr., Vice Chair
                Toby Beauchamp
                Johnell Bentz
                Zachary Berent
                Ga Young Chung
                Peter Darch
                Julie Dowling
                Elizabeth Hsiao-Wecksler
                Monica McDermott
                Linda Owens
                Charles Schroeder
                Murillo Soranso
                Eboni Zamani-Gallaher
                Medra Roberts-Southerland, ex-officio

Academic Affairs

Undergraduate Education

                  • Campus ePortfolio Committee

                    This committee is responsible for identifying ways to better communicate about ePortfolios, providing guidance for the creation of resources for this work, outlining the criteria to award top ePortfolios and determining how they will be assessed.

                    Charge Letter 2016-17 (PDF)

                    Committee Members

                    Lisa Hinchliffe, Library – co-chair
                    Staci Provezis, Provost’s Office – co-chair
                    Robert Baird, CITL
                    Phyllis Baker, LAS & Student Affairs
                    Johnell Bentz, EDU & GCL faculty member
                    Taylor Judd, Media
                    Kate LaBore, CITL
                    Nicole Lamers, LAS
                    Michele Plante, iSchool
                    Joe Post, Grand Challenge Initiative
                    Gayle Spencer, Student Affairs, Tracy Tolliver, Technology Services

                  • Chancellor’s Senior Survey Committee
                    Coming soon.
                  • Committee on the Admission of Student-Athletes (CASA)
                    The committee is charged to review student-athlete applications requiring special admissions consideration.
                  • Committee on the Use of Facilities
                    Coming soon.
                  • Council for Learning Outcomes Assessment (C-LOA)

                    To promote and guide assessment activities on our campus, the inaugural Provost’s Council for Learning Outcomes Assessment (C-LOA) was created in spring 2016. The role of the Council is to foster a practice of assessment that is ongoing and meaningful to campus units.

                    Council Members

                    Wynne Korr, School of Social Work, Chair
                    Anna Dilger, ACES
                    Kim Graber, AHS
                    Xiaoling (Clare) Chen, BUS*
                    Jessica Li, EDU
                    Erhan Kudeki, ENGR
                    Louis Bergonzi, FAA
                    Daniel Newman, LER
                    Stephen Altaner, LAS
                    Colleen Murphy, LAW
                    Linda C. Smith, LIS
                    Ann Reisner, Media*
                    Dawn Morin, VetMed
                    Phyllis Baker, Student Affairs
                    Isabel Molina, Media*
                    Eric Meyer, Senate
                    George Gollin, General Education Board
                    Spencer Haydary, Undergraduate Student
                    Kirstin Phelps, Graduate Student
                    Michel Bellini, CITL
                    Staci Provezis, Office of Provost, ex officio

                    Working Group Members

                    Jenny Amos, ENGR
                    Michel Bellini, CITL
                    Rajat Chadha, CITL
                    Hannah Choi, CITL
                    Denice Hood, EDU
                    Faye Lesht, CITL
                    Julia Makela, Student Affairs
                    Staci Provezis, Office of the Provost
                    Collin Ruud, BUS
                    Linda C. Smith, LIS
                    Min Zhan, Social Work

                  • Council of Undergraduate Deans
                    Coming soon.
                  • Culture Studies Implementation Task Force – Curricular Planning
                    Coming soon.
                  • Culture Studies Implementation Task Force – Student Communication
                    Coming soon.
                  • General Education Board

                    The General Education Board ensures, as much as possible, that general education courses will be valuable intellectual experiences. Responsibilities include defining the categories of general education requirements for the campus, reviewing course proposals, and review and recertifies all courses approved for general education credit.

                    Charge Letter 2016-17 (PDF)

                    Committee Members

                    Craig Zilles, Chair
                    Antony Augoustakis
                    Karen Carney
                    Kate Clancy
                    Susan Curtis
                    Lee DeVille
                    George Gollin
                    David Hays
                    Chris Higgins
                    Harrison Kim
                    Soo Lee
                    Jonathan Keeble
                    Julian Parrott
                    Stephen Peters
                    Rebecca Sandefur
                    Meagan Schaffer, undergraduate student
                    James Swigart, graduate student
                    Casey Waler, undergraduate student
                    Jon Welty-Peachey
                    Kathy Martensen, ex-officio

                  • MOOC and Online Strategy Advisory Committee (MSAC)
                    Coming soon.
                  • Net Tuition Model Working Group
                    Coming soon.
                  • Online Innovation Advisory Board
                    Coming soon.
                  • Online Learning Operations Advisory Board
                    Coming soon.
                  • Study Abroad Administrators Committee (SAAC)
                    This committee has a vital role in the creation and implementation of policies and procedures relating to international student mobility on our campus.
                  • Teaching Advancement Board
                    The Teaching Advancement Board (TAB) encourages excellence and innovation in teaching.
                  • University High School Strategic Vision Task Force

                    “Uni High” is widely recognized as an excellent school and an asset to the campus. In February 2016 this task force was charged with proposing a vision for the role and purpose of Uni High, including a new financial/operating model.

                    Charge Letter 2016-17
                    Uni High Strategic Vision Task Force – Final Report 12-2016

                    Committee Members

                    Richard Wheeler, Chair
                    Jeffrey Walkington, Director, University Laboratory High School
                    Elizabeth Majerus, Uni Faculty Representative
                    Sharlene Denos, Uni Faculty Representative
                    Steve Michael, Uni Parent-Faculty Organization Representative
                    Brent McBride, Child Development Lab
                    Amy Ando, Agricultural and Consumer Economics
                    Michaelene Ostrosky, Special Education
                    Timothy Stelzer, Physics
                    Matthew Tomaszewski, Associate Provost for Capital Planning, ex officio
                    Keith Marshall, Interim Associate Provost for Enrollment Management, ex officio


To view archived materials from past committees on Box, click here.