Institutional Accreditation

The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is accredited, most recently in 2020, by the Higher Learning Commission (known prior to 2014 as the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools). The university will undergo its Assurance Review in April 2024 and will undergo its next comprehensive evaluation in 2029-2030.

Additional information about past institutional accreditation reviews, including self-studies and decision letters, can be found  at the following links:

Accreditation Resources

The following resources contain information about accreditation on campus and data that can support accreditation self-study reports.

Accreditation Community of Practice

The Accreditation Community is an informal campus-wide group that was started in October 2020 by Associate Provost Staci Provezis. The group meets once per semester, providing an opportunity for those who work with accreditation on campus to discuss issues they encounter and share resources. The specifics of specialized accreditation requirements vary, but many challenges are similar across units (e.g., techniques for encouraging faculty buy-in, document management, best practices for planning and scheduling, etc).

To join the group and receive meeting notifications, contact Kate Techtow or Staci Provezis.

Accreditation Listserv

The Accreditation Listserv was created for employees engaged in accreditation work across campus. This listserv can be used to post questions or resources to your colleagues on campus who handle accreditation matters for their respective areas. Subscribe to the Accreditation Listserv.

Past Accreditation Community Meetings Topics

November 2023: panel discussion on How Learning Outcomes Assessment Supports Accreditation Efforts

March 2023: presentation and Q+A with Amy Edwards, Director of the university’s Division of Management Information

October 2022: Establishing a Timeline From Start to Finish

March 2022: panel discussion on Planning and Organizing Accreditation Site Visits

October 2021: Campus Systems to Use for Accreditation (data resources and organizational tools)

February 2021: Faculty Engagement in Accreditation

October 2020: Initial meeting to discuss potential topics and meetings goals