Tips for EOs: A Quick Guide

These resources feature short, easy-to-read tips on topics that Unit Executive Officers address on a daily basis in their role as a campus leader at the University of Illinois.

Tips in this series are based on current literature, best practice, and collective wisdom from successful academic leaders. They are meant to supplement, not replace, policies and procedures described in campus, college, and departmental by-laws, manuals, and other communications.

In using these resources, we strongly encourage you to consult all relevant documents to ensure that your actions are appropriate and permissible. It is also important to recognize the unique circumstances of every situation. Some practices may not be applicable in every context. The goal of these resources is to help you be better informed about a variety of practices and strategies for success. We hope you will combine these tips with your good judgement, experience, and other resources available to you here at Illinois.

EO Tip Sheets

Please take time to read and learn more about the various topics offered in this series. If you have other topic ideas, we welcome your suggestions.