Planning & Reporting

FY19 Budget Report Guidance

All university units are asked to use one of the following budget report guidelines, as appropriate, in the development of annual reports as part of the annual unit review process.

Budget Report Guidance for FY19: Activity-based Units
Budget Report Guidance for FY19: Centrally-budgeted Academic Units
Budget Report Guidance for FY19: Centrally-budgeted Administrative Units


The State of Illinois’ recent budget impasse ended in July 2017. Allocations for Urbana-Champaign from the University of Illinois System Offices include funding for the remaining FY17 appropriations, Monetary Award Programs (MAP) support for FY17 and FY18, and FY18 funding at 87.6% of FY15 levels. These reductions are coupled with shifts in benefit and pension costs to the university. Despite the reductions and shifts in costs, the University of Illinois is in a stable financial position moving forward as result of careful financial planning and university-wide cost reductions that exceeded $69 million the past two fiscal years. We remain committed to developing strategies to further reducing our reliance on direct funding from the State of Illinois. These strategies will require reducing costs, reorganizing within and among units, and investing strategically to grow our net revenue.

Our plan for FY19 is to be both strategic and efficient while making critical investments for our future. In FY18, each college and research institute contributed resources to a $10.6 million investment pool that funded eighteen projects that address high and emerging growth opportunities. Because the reductions colleges and units have taken these past two years have impacted hiring, retention and investments, we will reduce the fixed individual college contributions to the investment pool by 50% in FY19. As in FY18, we will invest these funds in a non-recurring manner in projects to seed net revenue generating activities, to provide bridge funds for the expansion of existing revenue-generating activities, to invest in automating processes, to motivate reorganization, and to co-invest in new instructional facilities and projects. Our goal continues to be investing in the future to improve our financial viability and reducing our reliance on State of Illinois financial support.

Submission Deadline

Units should submit their report to by Friday, January 19, 2018.