Planning & Reporting

FY20 Budget Report Guidance

All university units are asked to use one of the following budget report guidelines, as appropriate, in the development of annual reports as part of the annual unit review process.

Budget Report Guidance for FY20: Activity-based Units
Budget Report Guidance for FY20: Centrally-budgeted Academic Units
Budget Report Guidance for FY20: Centrally-budgeted Administrative Units


The University of Illinois continues to move towards implementation of the Integrated and Value- Centered Budgeting (IVCB) model, based on the principles of transparency, accountability, predictability, adaptability, and minimizing disruptions. FY19 serves as the baseline year, with FY20 budget allocations determined under the new model.

An important budget reform-related activity is a multi-year financial planning initiative that will aid units, departments, colleges, campus, and the University System Office build a cohesive and comprehensive plan that is consistent with our strategic plan, university mission and campus values. These efforts will improve our transparency, accountability and risk assessment, enable us to identify and prioritize opportunities, facilitate participatory decision-making, and provide accurate and meaningful financial reports to university leadership, the Board of Trustees, and other stakeholders.

We are also launching Operational Excellence at Illinois to increase our university’s efficiency and effectiveness at all levels. The initiative includes the following goals:

  • Manage cash strategically
  • Develop smarter budgeting systems
  • Reduce redundancies
  • Innovate processes and services
  • Streamline decision making
  • Identify cost and scale efficiencies
  • Enhance productivity

We look forward to partnering with the campus community as this important initiative gets underway.

In FY18, each college and research institute contributed resources to a $10.6 million investment pool that funded projects that address high and emerging growth opportunities. Because the reductions colleges and units had in the previous two years had impacted hiring, retention and investments, we reduced the fixed individual college contributions to the investment pool by 50%, to $5.3 million, in FY19. In FY20, these units will again contribute at the 50% level. We will invest these funds in a non-recurring manner in projects to seed net revenue generating activities, provide bridge funds for the expansion of existing revenue-generating activities, encourage cross- disciplinary collaborations, help build the vision for the Discovery Partners Institute, invest in automating processes, motivate reorganization, and co-invest in new instructional facilities and projects. Our goal continues to be investing in the future to improve our financial viability while reducing our reliance on State of Illinois financial support.

Submission Deadline

Units should submit their report to by Friday, March 1, 2019.