About the Provost

The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost is Illinois’ chief academic officer.

What is a provost anyway?

At Illinois, the provost is the chief academic officer for the campus and is responsible for developing and assessing academic programs, managing a budget of over $2 billion, and supervising academic personnel policies and academic administration. Deans and directors of academic units report to the provost.  The provost, in turn, reports to the chancellor and serves as the campus’s chief executive when the chancellor is absent.

The Office of the Provost ensures the excellence of Illinois’ academic programs. The office advances the university’s academic mission by providing guidance, support, and oversight to the colleges and University Library; supporting the recruitment and career advancement of faculty and staff; recognizing and celebrating faculty accomplishments; overseeing undergraduate admissions; supporting the development of innovative academic programs and initiatives to efforts to ensure student success; and managing the university’s budget and human resources.

Who is the Provost?

John Coleman was named Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost, effective July 19, 2023. Read more about John Coleman.