Unit Executive Officer Resources

The following resources are designed to support unit executive officers. See also Faculty Resources.

Faculty Appointments

Faculty Hiring Programs

            The university is committed to building and maintaining a faculty that is excellent in many dimensions. The Office of the Provost supports three programs in which partial or total central financial support for academic positions may be provided:

            • Dual Career Academic Couples Program
              This program enables search waivers in the case of academic couples, increasing the ability of the campus to recruit and retain faculty members when the appointment or retention of one person is contingent upon employment of another. For more information, see Provost’s Communication #8: Dual Career Academic Couples Program.
            • Faculty Excellence Program
              The purpose of this program is to recruit individuals who will contribute to transformation and positive change, within their units and across the institution. The focus is on experienced faculty with established records of excellence in their area of scholarly or research inquiry. Due to budgetary restraints, the Faculty Excellence Program is being scaled back for the next few years. Units that identify a stellar senior candidate should work through the traditional search process to the extent that it is possible. For more information, see Provost’s Communication #4: Faculty Excellence Program.
            • Targets of Opportunity Program
              This program provides support to unit on campus to recruit outstanding faculty members who will enhance our institution’s strategic goals and build on our reputation as a leading public research university. TOP funding is available to recruit and hire outstanding individuals from groups that are underrepresented in the unit. For more information, see Provost’s Communication #7: Targets of Opportunity Program (TOP).

Faculty Honors & Recognition

Faculty awards and honors are an important part of faculty development as well as recognition for faculty, their units, and the campus. We encourage you to visit the Awards section to learn more about the resources available to faculty and units.

Faculty Mentoring

Faculty mentoring influences not just the success of individual faculty, but the intellectual culture and achievement of the entire unit. While each unit may tailor its mentoring program to fit the specifics of its discipline and its own situation, it is vital for the unit to create opportunities for mentoring relationships to form.

Learn more about faculty mentoring, including tips for Unit Executive Officers.

Seminars & Workshops

            • Academic Leadership Series
              The Academic Leadership Series is designed for new and experienced executive officers who wish to engage in dialogue, share best practices, and discuss issues such as leadership, financial and strategic planning, and faculty development.
            • Annual Faculty Retreat
              Coordinated by the Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning, the Annual Faculty Retreat is intended to build on our collective knowledge about teaching and learning, share innovative ideas and approaches, and promote partnerships within and beyond the campus community.
            • Conference for Pretenure Women
              In collaboration with the Provost’s Office at Purdue University, the Susan Bulkeley Butler Center for Leadership Excellence hosts an annual Conference for Pretenure Women. Since 2010, this conference has helped women not only achieve promotion and tenure but also develop career strategies and networks useful for moving into further promotions and into different academic areas. Although this conference focuses on women in pre-tenure and postdoc phases, the strategies and insights offered by speakers and other participants are useful for women at different points in their academic careers. Men are welcome to participate.
            • Senior Leadership Retreat
              The Senior Leadership Retreat is designed to acquaint newly appointed executive officers with university policies and procedures. It also provides a forum in which executive officers can meet with colleagues, share experiences, and gain knowledge of pertinent on-campus resources.