Communication #3:
Appointments of Faculty, Specialized Faculty, and Academic Professionals

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  • Appointments Requiring Direct Approval by the Board of Trustees
  • Hiring Request from Approval Table
  • Rehiring University of Illinois Retirees
  • Examples of Hiretouch Forms (provided for informational purposes only, requests for approvals must be submitted electronically through Hiretouch:
    • Transmittal form for Cases forwarded for second level review
    • Transmittal for Request to Add New Administrative Position in Specific Titles
    • Transmittal form for Executive Officer Appointments
    • Transmittal form for Faculty Appointments with Tenure
    • Transmittal form for New Academic Professional Appointments with Salaries over $90,000
    • Transmittal form for Provost’s Approval of 0% Unmodified Faculty Appointments for Individuals Who Do Not Hold a University of Illinois Appointment
    • Transmittal Form for Mid-Year Salary Increase
    • Transmittal Form for Appointment Change