Academic Program Review Council

The Academic Program Review Council assists with the implementation of the program review process, ensures a high quality ongoing process, and monitors follow-up on the recommended actions resulting from the reviews.

Academic Program Review Council AY 2016-17 Final Report
Academic Program Review Council Charge AY 2017-18

2017-18 Council Members

Shelly Nickols-Richardson, College of Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences, Chair
Sarita Adve, College of Engineering
Jim Dalling, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Rochelle Gutierrez, College of Education
Alan Mette, College of Fine and Applied Arts
Silvina Montrul, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
George Pennacchi, College of Business
Kim Shinew, College of Applied Health Sciences
Patrick Vargas, College of Media
Pamela Wilkins, College of Veterinary Medicine
Staci Provezis, Office of Provost, ex officio

Past Members

Scott Althaus, Chair, Department of Political Science (2014-2017)
Janet Barrett, School of Music (2013-2016)
Paul Ellinger, Department of Agriculture and Consumer Economics (2014-2016)
Poshek Fu, Department of History (2013)
Hong Li, School of Social Work (2014-2017)
Edward McAuley, Department of Kinesiology & Community Health (2014-2016)
Elvira De Mejia, Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition (2013-2015)
Jeff Moore, Chair, Department of Chemistry (2013-2016)
Nancy Sottos, Department of Materials Science & Engineering (2013-2015)
William Trent, Department of Education Policy and Organizational Leadership (2013-2016)
Mara Wade, Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures (2014-2016)
Jeff Woods, Department of Kinesiology & Community Health (2013-2014)