General Education Board

The General Education Board ensures, as much as possible, that general education courses will be valuable intellectual experiences. Responsibilities include defining the categories of general education requirements for the campus, reviewing course proposals, and reviewing and recertifying all courses approved for general education credit.

General Education Board Final Report AY 2017-18
General Education Board Charge AY 2018-19

2018-19 Committee Members

Jon Welty-Peachey, Applied Health Sciences, Chair
Aimee Barbeau, Business
Marsha Barrett, Liberal Arts & Sciences
Adrian Burgos, Liberal Arts & Sciences
Lee DeVille, Liberal Arts & Sciences
Chris Higgins, Education
Harrison Kim, Engineering
Brenda Lindsey, Social Work
Gary Ochs, Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences
Sterling Raskie, Business
Kelly Ritter, Liberal Arts & Sciences
Rebecca Sandefur, Liberal Arts & Sciences
Sela Sar, Media
Dan Shike, Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences
Chadly Stern, Liberal Arts & Sciences
Bridget Sweet, Fine & Applied Arts
John Toenjes, Fine & Applied Arts
Dallas Trinkle, Engineering
Smitha Vishveshwara, Engineering
TBD, Undergraduate Student
TBD, Graduate Student
TBD, Undergraduate Student
Kathy Martensen, ex officio

For previous committee charges and reports, see the Committee Archives.

Updated 11/8/2018