Operational Excellence at Illinois Initiative

As part of The Next 150 Strategic Plan (2018-2023), the university created Operational Excellence at Illinois, a university-wide initiative to streamline, innovate, reduce costs, improve services and coordinate processes at all levels.

The university has begun the next phase of the Operational Excellence at Illinois initiative by partnering with Huron Consulting Group to advance our administrative services in five specific areas:

  1. Budget & Procurement
  2. IT & Data
  3. Human Resources
  4. Physical Space
  5. Marketing & Communications

The initiative is being led by the Operational Excellence at Illinois Task Force, which includes university leadership from each area. There are also five work teams comprised of faculty and staff from across campus. The goal is to identify opportunities for strategic or operational improvements in organizational structures, service delivery, business process, technology enablement and talent pools. Though we are still in the early phases of the initiative, we are confident this work will reduce duplicated efforts, streamline processes and create resource centers across administrative services. This project is designed to ensure our administrative services support and promote both our university missions and those who make these missions possible.

To learn more about this initiative, visit the website.