Committee on the Admission of Student-Athletes (CASA)

The committee is charged to review student-athlete applications requiring special admissions consideration.

Committee on Admission of Student Athletes Charge AY 2017-18

2017-18 Committee Members

Amy Ledford, Undergraduate Admissions, Facilitator
Gretchen Adams, Applied Health Sciences Administration
Andrew Borst, Undergraduate Admissions
Rachael Dietkus, School of Social Work
Julian Parrott, Media Administration
Umberto Ravaioli, Engineering Administration
Linda Robbennolt, Fine & Applied Arts Administration
Kathy Ryan, Education Administration
Daniel Turner, Campus Center for Advising & Academic Services
Jewell White, Business Administration
Marlon Dechausay, Intercollegiate Athletics, ex officio
Stephanie Wheeler, Disability Resources & Educational Services, ex officio
Marni Boppart, Kinesiology & Community Health, ex officio