Teaching Advancement Board (TAB)

The Teaching Advancement Board (TAB) encourages excellence and innovation in teaching.

2019-20 Committee Members

Karla Möller, College of Education, Chair
Timothy Bretl, Grainger College of Engineering
William Bullock, College of Fine & Applied Arts
Kristin Carlson, College of Applied Health Sciences
Sharon Comstock, School of Information Sciences
Steve Hall, College of Media
Kari Keating, College of Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences
Konstantinos Kourtikakis, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Candace Martinez, Gies College of Business
Sol Roberts-Lieb, Carle Illinois College of Medicine
Wendy Yang, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Michel Bellini, Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning, ex officio
Kristi Kuntz, Office of the Provost, ex officio

See public committee documents, such as current and archived charge letter(s) and final report(s).