Updating the Academic Catalog

The Academic Catalog is maintained by the Office of the Provost. Lists of authorized Catalog
page owners and approvers are submitted by designated academic unit contacts to the Provost’s
office on an annual basis. Only authorized users may submit edits for review in the Catalog.
If you are not an authorized user and notice an error or have a suggestion for content in your unit’s
Catalog pages, please contact your college office or the Office of the Provost to find out who the
authorized user(s) are who can submit these edits.

The Academic Catalog is published annually in March for the upcoming academic year, with an
additional edit cycle in the summer to reflect changes to programs that were approved by
appropriate levels of governance in the spring semester. College-level contacts receive notice
from the Office of the Provost when authorized users may submit suggested edits for the
Catalog; typically, these calls for edits are sent in late fall with a submission deadline in January
and in late May with a July submission deadline.