New and Revised Course Submission Timeline

Course revisions involving fees (adding, changing, or removing), changes to credit hours, and/or grade mode changes must be submitted into workflow by February 15 for a fall effective term or by October 1 for spring or summer effective terms. Courses not approved at all steps in workflow prior to advanced registration will be moved to the subsequent effective term.

Revisions involving renumbering must utilize a fall effective term. There are many administrative steps involved with renumbering. To ensure these steps can be completed prior advanced registration for the fall term, send any inquiry about planned renumbering to no later than November 1 the year prior to the desired effective term.

Proposals for new courses or for any other type of revision (those not involving fees, credit hour changes, grade mode changes, or renumbering) must be submitted and completely approved in workflow by the first day of the semester in which the course will be offered.

For all course proposals, remember to take into account timelines for your own academic unit’s course approval workflow at the departmental and college level