Assessment Reports and Submission

Program-level Learning Outcomes Assessment Reports

Need to access your assessment reports? Click to access the “Learning Outcomes Assessment Reports” folder for your program. These folders contain the assessment plan, assessment updates, and feedback from the Council for Learning Outcomes Assessment C-LOA. (Note: You will need to log into box using your Illinois credentials to access the document).

Need to submit an assessment plan or revise an existing plan? If you need to submit an assessment plan for a new program or would like to revise an existing assessment plan download and complete the appropriate template (i.e., undergraduate template or graduate/professional template and then upload the document to box using the link below. Programs with existing plans can revise and resubmit that document.

Alternatively, you can submit the assessment plan via Qualtrics by clicking on the following link:

SUBMIT your Assessment Plan below.
Please title your plan accordingly: [College]_[Program_Name]_[Degree_Type]_Assessment_Plan_[Current Year].
For example: LAS_PSYC_PhD_Assessment_Plan_2023.