Program Assessment

Program-level learning outcomes assessment is an expectation for institutional accreditation (Higher Learning Commission, HLC), the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE), and most importantly, for improving the student learning experience at Illinois.

Our campus is committed to the educational achievement of our students, and we strive to offer educational programs of the highest quality. A regular and thoughtful practice of articulating and assessing student learning outcomes allows for our campus to ensure that our graduates are receiving the world-class education that we promise.

Program-level learning outcomes assessment can help answer the following questions (and many more):

  • Do our program learning outcomes describe the knowledge and skills a graduate should be able to demonstrate upon completion of the program?
  • Are our program learning outcomes measurable (i.e., rely on verbs that specify definite, observable behaviors and are attainable)?
  • Do our program learning outcomes focus on student learning, rather than program outputs (e.g., publications, graduation rates, job placement rates, etc.)?
  • How does our curriculum align with the program learning outcomes?
  • How do we know students are acquiring the knowledge and skills specified in our program learning outcomes?
  • Are students in the program acquiring knowledge and skills at the same rate?
  • Are there gaps in our curriculum where students are not being exposed to certain knowledge or skills?
  • How can we improve student learning in the program?
  • What evidence can we use to evaluate student learning in the program?
  • Is our learning outcomes assessment process effective for evaluating student learning in the program?
  • What program changes or improvements can we make based on evidence of student learning?
  • How do we know if program changes or improvements have been effective?
  • What evidence of student learning can we use to promote the program or highlight program accomplishments?

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