Program Review Council

The Academic Program Review Council includes 5-8 members with a Chair. The Council members are senior faculty members, including some with administrative experience and a broad understanding of the campus, as well as administrators, who also have a broad understanding of the campus. Provost’s Office staff serve as ex officio members. The Council members are nominated by the colleges and the Senate. The Provost’s Office makes the appointments, and members are asked to serve a three year revolving term. Replacements to the Council will be staggered to allow for continuity.

The Program Review Council has the following responsibilities:

  • Examine the annual reports submitted by the colleges
  • Set the calendar for the unit reviews
  • Give feedback on external  reviewers
  • Identify potential areas of focus for the reviews
  • Review the final report from the unit
  • Review progress towards the recommendations resulting from the review
  • Identify potential modifications to the review process

See current and past Academic Program Review Council members on the Committees page.