US Minority Cultures

US Minority Cultures Learning Outcomes

During the Spring 2019 General Education Assemblies for Learning Outcomes, faculty groups began to develop learning outcomes for the US Minority Cultures Requirement. Then, smaller Working Groups from these Assemblies along with students and advisors worked together to digest the information from the larger group and to create draft learning outcomes for US Minority Cultures (see below).

We invite feedback from the campus community on these outcomes.

After taking a course in US Minority Cultures, students will be able to:

  1. Exhibit knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the history, life, culture, and/or contributions of racial minorities in the United States. (C-SLO 4)
  2. Demonstrate capacity to think critically about race and ethnicity, especially in relation to issues of power, privilege, justice, inequality, marginalization, and resistance. (C-SLO 4)
  3. Reflect on their own cultural positionality and be open to the perspectives and experiences of others. (C-SLO 4)
  4. Function as engaged citizens who conduct themselves responsibly, ethically, and respectfully in a racially and ethnically diverse society. (C-SLO 4)