Dual Career Program Glossary of Terms (AY2023-24)

Dual Career Liaison – The professional who works with Unit Executive Officers to identify and explore appropriate employment opportunities for a faculty member’s partner.

Dual Career Partner – The partner/spouse of the faculty member being recruited or retained (i.e., primary hire) at the University of Illinois. If the university is actively recruiting both members of the couple as faculty members, the Office of the Provost, in consultation with the affected units, will determine the dual career partner based on the specific situation.

Primary Hire– The tenure-system faculty member being recruited or retained at the University of Illinois.

Lead Unit – The academic unit recruiting or retaining the tenure-system faculty member who is the primary hire.

Dual Career Partner Unit – The unit that intends to hire the Dual Career Partner.

Dual Career Funding – Funding available to provide 1/3 of the salary of the dual career partner for a specified period depending on the classification of the position.

Dual Career Search Waiver – Permission to hire the Dual Career Partner without an open search for academic professional, specialized, and tenure-system faculty positions.

Dual Career Funding Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) – A document outlining the funding plan for the Dual Career Partner as agreed upon by the lead unit and the dual career partner unit.