Professional Licensure Public Disclosures

As required by federal regulations in 34 CFR 668.43(a)(5)(v) and in compliance with the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (SARA) Manual, the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign’s institutional disclosure website indicates whether a program’s curriculum meets or does not meet the educational requirements for licensure or certification in that State, or indicates that no determination has been made. This disclosure does not guarantee any State licensure or certification authority will approve or deny your application for licensure. Furthermore, this disclosure does not account for changes in State requirements that may have occurred after it was updated. Current and prospective students are encouraged to contact their State’s licensure authority or review the University of Illinois State Authorization Licensing and Complaint Information page for all licensure and certification requirements pertaining to their State. These public licensure disclosures also address requirements found in 38 CFR Part 21 relating to veterans’ education benefits.

Student Location

This is defined as the State where the student resides using the permanent home address in the Banner Student Administration system; for prospective students this is the State they live in at the time entered into the Slate customer management system. For students whose permanent address does not include a U.S. State or territory (e.g., students living outside the United States), their location shall be considered the State of Illinois.  Location designations shall remain in effect unless and until a student changes the U.S. State or territory listed in their permanent address using the online Student Self-Service tool. Once a student enters a new U.S. State or territory, the university will consider the new U.S. State or territory as the student’s location for the purposes of this policy.

Disclosures by College

Students considering academic program leading to professional licensure in their state or territory are strongly encouraged to review the information on the UIUC institutional disclosure website and the respective college’s offering the programs. Students are also encouraged to contact the appropriate licensing agency to seek information and additional guidance before beginning a program outside of their state. Please be aware that there may be additional licensure requirements like professional examinations, background checks, years of work experience, fingerprinting requirements, etc. which are not covered by an academic program’s curriculum.