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Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering


  • Policies and Procedures for Intercollegiate Transfer
  • Before applying to ICT online, you must attend one of our ICT Information Sessions. Dates, times, and locations can be found here:
  • Required Illinois GPA of 3.10 or higher, based on at least one full semester of course work
  • Normal progress in the following sequences:
    • MATH 220 – Calculus OR MATH 221 – Calculus I AND MATH 231 – Calculus II AND MATH 241 – Calculus III; AND
    • PHYS 211 – University Physics – Mechanics AND PHYS 212 – University Physics – Elec & Mag AND PHYS 214 – Univ Physics – Quantum Physics; AND
    • CHEM 202 – Accelerated Chemistry I AND CHEM 203 – Accelerated Chemistry I Lab AND CHEM 204 – Accelerated Chemistry II AND CHEM 205 – Accelerated Chemistry II Lab; OR CHEM 102 – General Chemistry I AND CHEM 103 – General Chemistry I Lab AND CHEM 104 – General Chemistry II AND CHEM 105 – General Chemistry II Lab AND CHEM 222 – Quantitative Analysis Lecture AND CHEM 223 – Quantitative Analysis Lab. NOTE: “Normal progress” is assessed by the “Suggested Four-Year Program” found at Students missing two or more courses from the suggested program at the time of application may not be approved for transfer to the department.
  • Students must obtain written approval of the departmental academic advisor before processing by LAS Student Academic Affairs.

Application Periods:

For current application deadlines, please refer to the College ICT page at

Important Links:

College ICT website

Department website


For specific advising contact information, please visit the LAS Departmental Advising website.