Engineering Technology & Management for Agricultural Systems

College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences


  • Minimum GPA of 2.5.
  • Priority will be given to those applicants who demonstrate an interest that aligns with the curriculum and careers associated with ETMAS and have made the most progress towards the ETMAS requirements via successful completion of as many of the following classes as possible: MATH 220, 221, or 234; CHEM 102; PHYS 101; either CHEM 104 or PHYS 102; a Life Science gen. ed.; ACE 100 or ECON 102; CS 105, ETMA 100, ACE 262, CPSC 241, ECON 202 or STAT 107.
  • Intercollegiate transfer must be approved by the Engineering Technology & Management for Agricultural Systems Academic Advisor. Students should use the contact information below to schedule a meeting with the Advising Coordinator to discuss prospects for transfer.

Application Periods:
Please review the College ICT website for the upcoming ICT processing dates and deadlines.

Important Links:

College ICT website
Department website


Travis Johnson
360K Agricultural Engineering Sciences Building