Who to Ask?

Budget and Resource Planning

Function Primary Contact Secondary Contact
Administrative Budget Committee Andrea Hoey Vicky Gress
Alcohol/Meal Approvals provostbudget@illinois.edu
Annual Budget Allocations Andrea Hoey College Contact
Annual Budget Guidelines Vicky Gress Andrea Hoey
Annual Report Guidance Vicky Gress Andrea Hoey
AP & Civil Service Hiring Request Forms Vicky Gress
AP Promotion & Mid-year Increase Requests Vicky Gress
Budget Development (System & Access) Gina Oleynichak Matt Wolfersberger
Budget Reform Initiative Paul Ellinger Vicky Gress
Budget Summary for Operations for UIUC Gina Oleynichak Matt Wolfersberger
Budget Transfer Processing Janet Wick Gina Oleynichak
Car Pool Release Forms provostbudget@illinois.edu
Chair/Professorship Funding Mary Jones Jenny Gibson
CITL Tuition Revenues Gina Oleynichak Matt Wolfersberger
Commitments – Recurring/Non-recurring Jenny Gibson Andrea Hoey
Coursera Tuition Revenues Gina Oleynichak Matt Wolfersberger
Coursera Non-credit Revenues Andrea Hoey Gina Oleynichak
Deficit Reports Gina Oleynichak Matt Wolfersberger
DMI/Campus Profile Amy Edwards
Facilities & Services Rate Review Vicky Gress
Faculty-related HR questions Bill Bernhard
FCIAA Process Mary Jones Andrea Hoey
Financial Analysis & Reporting Gina Oleynichak Matt Wolfersberger
Fiscal Year End Close Process Gina Oleynichak Janet Wick
Hiring Plans Vicky Gress
Indirect Cost Recovery Gina Oleynichak Matt Wolfersberger
Indirect Cost Recovery Special Distribution Codes, F&A and Remission Adj. Janet Wick Matt Wolfersberger
Investment for Growth Program Vicky Gress Andrea Hoey
Library/IT Fees – Unit Budgets Gina Oleynichak Andrea Hoey
Loans (Internal) Jenny Gibson Andrea Hoey
Pilot Program for Revenue Generating Activities Andrea Hoey Vicky Gress
Procurement – Campus-level Approvals Vicky Gress
Provost Communication #1 Paul Ellinger Vicky Gress
Provost Team Annual Budget Review Paul Ellinger Vicky Gress
Requests for New Funding Paul Ellinger Vicky Gress
Salary Program Administration Vicky Gress Andrea Hoey
Space/Leases Matthew Tomaszewski
State (IF) to Plant Transfer Approvals Gina Oleynichak Vicky Gress
Technology Services Rate Review Vicky Gress
Term Sick Leave Janet Wick
TOP/Dual Career Funding Mary Jones Andrea Hoey
Tuition Allocation & True-ups Gina Oleynichak Andrea Hoey
Tuition & Fee Rate Requests Gina Oleynichak Andrea Hoey