Matthew Tomaszewski portrait

Matthew Tomaszewski

Executive Associate Provost for Capital Planning
(217) 333-4866

Lesa Wilcoxon
(217) 300-4644

Matthew Tomaszewski develops capital priorities and leads planning efforts to ensure that units have the facilities to support their mission-critical activities. Mr. Tomaszewski leads ongoing efforts to develop campus capital priorities for new facilities and major renovations, developing plans to fund capital projects, working with each college to align their facility needs with their academic missions, representing the campus in facility planning and design efforts, and overseeing communication, implementation, and monitoring of strategically aligned policies related to sustainability and stewardship of space on campus.

In addition, Mr. Tomaszewski advises the Provost on key strategic capital initiatives including the Smart Campus Initiative, the DPI-related capital projects and projects associated with our Campus’ growing engagement with Chicago. He also serves as liaison to Real Estate Services, and provides leadership and oversight for projects for the Allerton Park & Retreat Center, the Illini Center, and the Research Park.

Prior to joining the Office of the Provost, Matthew served as the Associate Dean for Administration in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.  He holds a B. S. from the Pennsylvania State University, an M.Ed. from the University of Illinois-Chicago, and an M.B.A. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.