Tenure Rollback Policy for COVID-19

View or Download Provost’s Communication #16 – Tenure Rollback Policy for COVID-19
Updated 3/27/2020, 12:00 PM

The university recognizes that the needed changes in how we conduct our teaching, research, and service to reduce the spread of COVID-19 have raised concerns among many of our junior and mid-career faculty members, particularly on its potential impact on promotion and tenure. It is our goal to minimize the effects of these ensuing changes at the university on their careers.

Tenure Code Rollbacks

For probationary faculty, the University already has a robust tenure rollback policy (Provost Communication #16). During this crisis, we intend to interpret this policy generously and compassionately. Therefore, rollbacks will be available to probationary faculty members (tenure codes 1-5) who believe COVID-19 creates a significant disruption to their progress towards tenure and promotion, whether it is because, among other things, research is interrupted due to inaccessible facilities and space, the faculty member has to care for family members affected by the COVID-19 situation, or the faculty member becomes ill.

The process for applying for a rollback due to COVID-19 is streamlined:

  1. The faculty member will need to complete the Tenure Rollback Request for COVID-19 requesting a rollback and submit it to the Unit Executive Officer. Additional documentation (e.g., CV, letter justifying the request, etc.) is not necessary.
  2. The request must be approved by the Unit Executive Officer and Dean. Letters of support are not necessary. That is, approval requires only a signature on the Request Form.
  3. The Request Form should be routed to the Office of the Provost for final approval and processing (provost-facultyaffairs@illinois.edu).

Probationary faculty in tenure code 5 (i.e., those who are scheduled to be reviewed in AY 2020-21) and Q appointments scheduled to be reviewed in AY 2020-21 must apply for a rollback by April 24, 2020.

Faculty in tenure code 4 may apply for a rollback based on COVID-19 consideration until April 15, 2021. Faculty in tenure codes 1-3 may apply for a rollback based on COVID-19 considerations until August 15, 2021. After that date, requests will follow regular procedures and will be evaluated according to the criteria stated in Communication #16.

Rollback requests for COVID-19 will not count against any limit on the overall number of rollbacks.

Consistent with existing policy, faculty who take a rollback for COVID-19-related reasons may later choose to apply for tenure “early” (i.e., on a timeline consistent with their original tenure clock) if they choose to do so.

ICES Scores

At this point, we plan to provide students with the opportunity to provide feedback on all courses through online ICES at the end of the Spring 2020 semester. Many faculty members use student comments and suggestions to improve course delivery. For purposes of evaluation of tenure and promotion, faculty may choose to exclude Spring 2020 ICES scores from the P&T dossier. Specialized faculty will also have the option to exclude Spring 2020 ICES scores from their promotion dossier.

Timeline for P&T Process for AY 2020-21

We are aware that circumstances may cause delays and difficulties in processing dossiers. We currently intend to operate on the usual timeline for the promotion and tenure process for AY 2020-21 as much as possible. We may reevaluate the timeline over the summer as we better understand the evolving impact of the situation.

Questions about rollbacks and promotion processes should be directed to Bill Bernhard, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs.