Policy on Health & Safety in Study Abroad

Information Tracking

  • All student activity abroad must be recorded in a central database (currently StudioAbroad).
  • The Student International Academic Affairs (SIAA) office is responsible for maintaining the central database system, developing protocols for data entry, and for providing training for administrators and group leaders as requested.
  • Each campus unit is responsible for recording student activity abroad within their respective domain. SIAA, working with each college (for units or departments reporting to it) and the dean of students (for registered student organizations and other organizations reporting to it) will monitor compliance with
    student activity abroad recording, including enrollment in required insurance.

Student Orientation

  • All students on study abroad or other Illinois-sponsored activities abroad (including staff and community members participating as students) must participate in a health and safety pre-departure orientation, developed and maintained by SIAA to ensure consistency. The orientation is delivered by SIAA or its designee, and participation is recorded in StudioAbroad.
  • SIAA consults with the campus community to continually update the orientation and its presentation format, based on new developments and best practices.
  • Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) are briefed on international activity issues (reporting, insurance, fees, and orientation requirements) during the required budget orientation provided by the Student Organizations Resource Fee (SORF) board. RSO compliance with these requirements is monitored.

Faculty Orientation

  • Group leaders must attend a pre-departure orientation before taking students abroad. If there are multiple leaders, it is necessary for a leader identified as the student management point-person to attend the orientation; all other leaders are encouraged to attend.
  • All leaders, including faculty, staff, TAs, and other chaperones are required to be familiar with the information contained in the student Health & Safety Pre-Departure Orientation.
  • The pre-departure orientation is designed and delivered by SIAA. SIAA will hold a session for open comment periodically, so that study abroad administrators from across campus can provide
  • SIAA will report attendance at the pre-departure orientation to the respective colleges, who will assist SIAA in ensuring attendance.
  • Faculty orientation policies also apply to Illinois staff or students acting as leader of a group taking Illinois students abroad.

Required Insurance

  • Enrollment in appropriate health insurance is mandatory for all students participating in university related activities abroad. This includes study abroad programs and RSO activities abroad as well as graduate student research and educational activities abroad. Enrollment is available through SIAA. As possible, insurance related fees will be included in program or participation fees.
  • Enrollment in appropriate insurance is strongly encouraged for faculty and staff on any university-related activities abroad. See the Insurance Abroad Policy for more details.