Am I required to attend?
Attendance is not required. INFO is intended to welcome new faculty to the campus and to provide them with tools to prepare them for their first years at Illinois.

Can anyone attend?
The program is specifically for new faculty.

I already went to the Benefits Orientation. Is this a duplication of that session?
The Benefits Orientation is set up to give you in-depth guidance to enrolling in your benefits package. INFO is set up to discuss a wider spectrum of topics. For details, please review the agenda, or download it as a PDF.

How can I find out more about the orientation offered by the Benefits Office?
View the Benefits section of System Human Resource Services web page or contact Benefits at (217) 333-3111.

I am a new faculty member, but I wasn’t included in the invitation. Can I still attend? Yes, if your name wasn’t included in the initial invitation, you can view the invitation and visit the registration page.

I can’t attend; can you send an information packet?
Contact our office at (217) 333-7466 and we will be happy to send you a packet.

I changed my mind about going. Do I need to do anything?
Please email ihr@illinois.edu in order to notify us of your change in plans.

I’m not new, but I didn’t attend last year. Should I attend?
Our list includes anyone hired since the prior August. Although you may not feel like a new employee, we think you will find valuable resources at the Illinois New Faculty Orientation. Please consider viewing the invitation to register.

My colleague is new to the university, but didn’t get an invitation.
If your colleague is a faculty member, please ask them to register through the invitation. If your colleague is an academic professional, then they will be invited to a separate orientation in September.

My home department is located in Champaign but I work full time on the UIC campus. Is there a similar orientation on the UIC campus?
For more information about the UIC Orientation call (312) 996-4014.

What is the dress code?
Business casual dress is most common.