College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences

Crop Sciences


  • Minimum GPA of 2.5
  • CPSC 112 recommended but not required for students going into Agroecology, Biological Sciences, Crop Agribusiness, Crops, Plant Biotechnology and Molecular Biology, or Plant Protection concentrations (CPSC 112 is required to graduate from these concentrations)
  • HORT 100 recommended but not required for students going into Horticultural Food Systems concentration (HORT 100 is required to graduate from this concentration)
  • Recommended that all students have taken CHEM 102/103, 104/105 and MATH 220, 221 or 234
  • Intercollege transfer must be approved by the Departmental Advising Coordinator. Students should use the contact information below to schedule a meeting with the Advising Coordinator to discuss prospects for transfer.

Application Periods:

Please review the College ICT website for the upcoming ICT processing dates and deadlines.

Important Links:

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Scott Bartlett
AE-116 Turner Hall
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