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Gies College of Business has changed the requirements and the timeline for ICT applications. Please visit for all ICT application details. 

  • Due to space limitations, a competitive application process is used to admit students to Gies Business from other academic units on campus.
  • Students apply for ICT during the spring semester their freshman year at Illinois for the following fall admission to Gies Business. Students who have completed more than two semesters at Illinois or students who were admitted as Off-Campus Transfer students are not eligible to apply. Notification of admission will occur in mid-June.
  • There are four prerequisite courses that students must have completed by the end of spring semester their freshman year to be eligible for admission. There are other recommended courses that are not requirements but could be beneficial to the student. See for new prerequisite requirements and recommendations. 
  • Students will also submit a resume, along with personal and professional essays, as part of the application process. The admissions review committee uses a holistic approach, considering each applicant’s prerequisite course completion and GPA; their full college curriculum and GPA; the two essays; the resume; and their discussed interests and involvement. Only college coursework and grades will be considered for academic review. High school grades and ACT/SAT/TOEFL scores do not factor into the ICT admissions review process.


Academic Advising: Students are strongly encouraged to talk with their current academic advisor if they are interest in ICT to Gies Business so they maximize the opportunity to meet admission requirements, particularly completion of the prerequisite courses. The Gies Business Undergraduate Admissions office will hold ICT information sessions each semester that are open to any student interested in attending. The dates, times, and locations will be posted on the information web site listed above. A Gies Business advisor will also hold walk-in advising hours once a week that is open to any interested student; the dates, time, and location will also be posted on the information web site. See for details on advising hours and ICT information sessions.