College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences

Agricultural and Consumer Economics

For dates of next transfer opportunity, please see ACE Department ICT website.

  • Successful applicants generally have GPAs exceeding 3.0 in Illinois courses and in relevant coursework; however, 3.0 neither assures nor prevents admission. See list of considerations below for further details.
  • All applicants must have credit for or be currently enrolled in:
    • ACE 100 or ECON 102
    • One of the QR1 required MATH courses from either Group 1 or Group 2:
      • Group 1:
        • MATH 124 (Finite Mathematics)
        • MATH 125 (Elementary Linear Algebra)
        • MATH 231 (Calculus 2)
      • Group 2:
        • MATH 220 (Calculus) or MATH 221 (Calculus 1)
        • MATH 234 (Calculus for Business)
  • Other recommended courses for first year students:
    • ACE 161 or CS 105
  • Other recommended courses for applicants during their second year of studies:
    • Second course from the remaining QR1 MATH group (ACE students must have one course from Group 1 – MATH 124, 125 or 231 AND one course from Group 2 – MATH 220, 221 or 234 to meet the QR1 requirement)
    • ECON 103 (Macroeconomics)
    • ACCY 201 (Accounting and Accountancy 1)
    • CMN 101 (if not taken CMN 111/112 sequence)
    • ACE 261 or ECON 202 (students interested in Finance in Agribusiness or Agri-Accounting should take ECON 202)
  • Transfer into all Department of ACE concentrations is competitive. Considerations include:
    • Interests aligned with an ACE concentration;
    • Potential to complete all requirements within 10 total semesters;
    • GPA in Illinois courses (guideline for transfer is 3.0 or above—however, 3.0 does not assure nor prevent admission;
    • GPA in relevant coursework (economics, mathematics, statistics, accounting, finance)
    • Students on academic probation will not be considered.

Application Periods:
Admission is based on a competitive application process. Application forms are available in 304 Mumford or downloadable from the Department ICT website. Please refer to the Department ICT website for information on form availability, application deadlines, and decision and notification dates. If approved before the tenth day of classes in any given semester, transfer can be effective for that semester. After that, it will be made effective for the following semester.

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