General Education

The Office of the Provost provides campus-wide leadership in undergraduate education and administers the general education policy that has been enacted by the campus Senate.

Senate General Education Policy

General Education Procedural and Advisory Information

  • Guidelines for General Education Courses – This document outlines guidelines from the General Education Board that must be met by courses proposed for general education credit.
  • General Education Learning Outcomes – This website includes information about General Education Assessment, including the specific Learning Outcomes for the General Education Categories
  • General Education Certification Checklists – General Education Board members use checklists to determine whether course submissions meet the requirements of general education categories. These checklists are provided here to clarify the review process and give guidance to applicants. We encourage applicants to review the relevant checklist(s) prior to submitting their course information for review. Ensuring that your class meets all of the requirements for a general education course will facilitate the review process and increase the likelihood that your course will be approved. Please do NOT simply submit the checklist with yes/no answers as your application. Complete explanations for all questions are required.
  • Proposing a Course for General Education Certification – General education certification can be sought for existing undergraduate courses. This is done as a course revision to the existing course. New courses must first be approved as a course, then the request for general education certification as a subsequent revision is submitted. Course Information Management (CIM) system is used for proposals of new courses and for course revisions, and fields required for general education certification are within the CIM form.

Learn about the General Education Board.