College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences

Metropolitan Food & Environmental Systems (MFST)


  • Minimum GPA of 2.5
  • Although math and chemistry are not a barrier to transfer, not having any chemistry or not having completed MATH Quantitative Reasoning requirement by the start of the third year of enrollment are barriers to graduating in a timely manner.
  • Completed of or enrollment in MFST 101 (Experiencing Food Systems) is recommended.
  • It is recommended that interested students use the contact information below to schedule a meeting with the Director of MFST to discuss prospects for transfer.

Additional Suggested Classes for Transfer:

Students can make progress towards completing the requirements for the MFST major by taking any of the courses listed below:

ACE 100 (Introduction to Applied Microeconomics; Soc Sci)

ACE 251 (The World Food Economy; Non-West, Soc Sci)

ACES 102 (Introduction to Sustainable Food Systems; Life Sciences)

NRES 102 (Introduction to Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences)

CPSC 112 (Introduction to Crop Sciences; Life Sciences) or HORT 100 (Introduction to Horticulture)

CPSC 116 (The Global Food Production Web; Non-West)

ANSC 100 (Introduction to Animal Sciences)

FSHN 120(Contemporary Nutrition; Life Sciences) or FSHN 220 (Principles of Nutrition)

UP 136 (Urban Sustainability; Soc Sci)

UP 205 (Ecology & Environmental Sustainability; Life Sciences)

Application Periods:
Please review the College ICT website for the upcoming ICT processing dates and deadlines. 

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