Current Calls for Nomination

The following external and/or campus awards have upcoming deadlines. Use this online form to nominate a colleague for a campus-coordinated national or international award.

Please check back regularly for updates and new opportunities.

External Opportunities – Campus-Coordinated

Award nomination opportunities that are restricted or otherwise coordinated in the Office of the Provost are listed below. For additional information or to recommend a colleague for nomination, contact or (217) 244-3689.

Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists

External Opportunities – Open

Awards that are open for nomination and are unrestricted on the Illinois campus are listed. For additional information or for assistance with pursuing a nomination, contact Where there are time differences, it is recommended that you submit a nomination at least one day prior to the deadline.

HESI Innovation Prize – The HESI Innovation Prize recognizes exceptional scientists who share HESI’s commitment to synthesizing ideas, resources, and collaborators across scientific disciplines and sectors – and who have demonstrated particular creativity and impact in doing so. The 2021 HESI Innovation Prize is an unrestricted cash prize of $80,000 USD. There are no campus application restrictions.

Campus Awards