Several campus units provide information to Illinois faculty about award and funding opportunities.

Office of the Provost

Award Nomination Opportunities

These announcements include information about achievement awards with approaching nomination deadlines and certain funding opportunities that do not have limited submission restrictions. Illinois faculty and staff are encouraged to subscribe to this announcement.

Calls for Nominations

Learn about current nomination opportunities for external awards coordinated at the campus level, as well as campus award programs with upcoming deadlines.

Campus Award Programs

Campus hosts several award programs to recognize faculty and staff for their achievements. Learn more about these programs and how to nominate a colleague.

Campus Honors

Faculty are recognized with several honors and distinctions on the Illinois campus. Learn more about these honors.

Office of Foundation Relations

The OFR, under the auspices of the Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement, collaborates with faculty members, campus leaders, and staff to advance partnerships with foundation funders through communications, proposal development, stewardship, and other activities. Visit the Foundation Relations website.

Office of the President

The University of Illinois System office sponsors a number of funding opportunities across the campuses. Visit the UI System office website for more information.

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation

The OVCRI is a valuable resource for external and campus research funding opportunities, including limited submissions. The OVCRI can assist faculty and other researchers in identifying and strategizing opportunities that will further their research goals. Visit the OVCRI website for contacts and more information.

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation – Humanities, Arts, & Related Fields

The OVCRI also provides a range of resources for research/project development and grant-seeking for faculty in the humanities, arts, and social sciences. Visit OVCRI-Humanities, Arts, & Related Fields web page for information.