National Academy of Engineering (NAE) Member

Election to National Academy of Engineering (NAE) membership is one of the highest professional honors accorded an engineer. Members have distinguished themselves in business and academic management, in technical positions, as university faculty, and as leaders in government and private engineering organizations.

Application/Nomination information: Nominations are restricted to members.
Agency deadline: Provided to nominators.
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Illinois Recipients

^emeritus/retired faculty

RecipientDepartmentAward Year
Yurii VlasovElectrical & Computer Engineering2021
Nancy SottosMaterials Science & Engineering2020
Kevin Anderson*Materials Engineering2017
David Boger*Chemical Engineering2017
Joe Chow*Electrical & Computer Engineering2017
Xiangli ChenMechanical Engineering2017
Dianne Chong* Industrial, Manufacturing & Operational Systems Engineering2017
Joe Chow*2017
Jingsheng Cong*Computer Science & Engineering2017
Gary Klein*Civil Engineering2017
Jennifer Lewis*Materials Engineering2017
David Maidment*Civil Engineering2017
K.R. Sridhar*Mechanical Engineering2017
Michael Strano*Chemical Engineering2017
Philip Krein^Electrical & Computer Engineering2016
James EdenElectrical & Computer Engineering2014
Weng Cho ChewElectrical & Computer Engineering2013
John RogersMaterials Science & Engineering2011
William GroppComputer Science2010
Kanti Jain^Electrical & Computer Engineering2009
Robert Dodds^Civil & Environmental Engineering2008
Anthony Fiorato*Civil Engineering2008
John Hudson*Chemical Engineering2008
Yahya Rahmat-Samii*Electronics Engineering2008
Timothy KilleenOffice of the President2007
Panganamala Kumar^Electronics Engineering2007
Charles (Chip) Zukoski^Chemical Engineering2007
Ilesanmi Adesida^Electrical & Computer Engineering2006
Archie Clemins*Special Fields & Interdisciplinary Engineering2006
Daniel Dobberpuhl*Computer Science & Engineering2006
George Homsy*Chemical Engineering2006
Dusan Zrnic*Special Fields & Interdisciplinary Engineering2006
David Kuck^Computer Science & Engineering2005
Preston Henne*Aerospace Engineering2004
Joan Mitchell*Computer Science & Engineering 2004
Raymond Ozzie*Computer Science & Engineering 2004
Darsh Wasan*Chemical Engineering2004
Joseph Greene^Materials Science & Engineering2003
Peter SauerElectrical & Computer Engineering2003
William Banholzer*Chemical Engineering2002
Win Sow (Winston) Ho*Chemical Engineering2002
Karl Hess^Electrical & Computer Engineering2001
Thomas Huang^Electrical & Computer Engineering2001
Tamer BasarElectrical & Computer Engineering2000
Shung-Wu Lee^Electrical & Computer Engineering2000
Bruce HajekElectrical & Computer Engineering1999
Vernon Snoeyink^Civil & Environmental Engineering1998
Henry Petroski*Special Fields & Interdisciplinary Engineering
Ronald Adrian^Mechanical Engineering1996
Petar Kokotovic^Electronics Engineering1996
Magnus Craford*Electronics Engineering1994
Lewis Edelheit*Bioengineering1994
Lambert FreundMaterials Science & Engineering1994
Earl Dowell*Aerospace Engineering1993
Stephen Drew*Bioengineering1993
Donald Johnson*Bioengineering1993
Tak Ning*Electronics Engineering1993
John Anderson*Chemical Engineering1992
Robert Liebeck*Aerospace Engineering1992
Robert Nowak*Chemical Engineering1992
Donald Bahr*Materials Engineering1991
Sheldon Wiederhorn*Materials Engineering1991
William Bailey*Chemical Engineering1990
Richard Blahut^Electrical & Computer Engineering1990
Robert Burnham*Electronics Engineering1990
Harry Cook^Industrial & Enterprise Systems Engineering1990
William Ward*Chemical Engineering1989
Richard Alkire^Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering1988
Edward Cording^Civil & Environmental Engineering1988
Louis Lanzerotti*Engineering Physics1988
James Economy^Materials Science & Engineering1987
George Samara*Materials Engineering1986
Alfred Cho*Electronics Engineering1985
Gregory Stillman*Electronics Engineering1985
David McCall*Materials Engineering1984
Roger Schmitz*Chemical Engineering1984
Leo Thomas*Bioengineering1984
Alfred Hendron^Civil Engineering1983
John Welch*Chemical Engineering1983
Keith McHenry*Chemical Engineering1982
Walter Robb*Chemical Engineering1982
Dale Compton*Industrial, Manufacturing & Operational Systems Engineering1981
John Fisher*Electric Power/Energy Systems Engineering1981
Seymour Meisel*Chemical Engineering1981
Jose Cruz*Electronics Engineering1980
Ernest Thiele*Chemical Engineering1980
Lew Allen*Aerospace Engineering1978
Thurston Larson*Chemical Engineering1978
John Quinn*Chemical Engineering1978
George Swenson^Electrical & Computer Engineering1978
Thomas Baron*Chemical Engineering1977
Alfredo Ang^Civil Engineering1976
John Coltman*Electronics Engineering1976
Sheldon Friedlander*Chemical Engineering1975
John Sinfelt*Chemical Engineering1975
Klaus Timmerhaus*Chemical Engineering1975
Nick Holonyak, Jr.^*Electrical & Computer Engineering1973
Albert Babb*Chemical Engineering1972
Robert Pigford*Chemical Engineering1971
Byron Bird*Chemical Engineering1969
William Hall^Electrical & Computer Engineering1968
Arnold Beckman*Chemical Engineering1967
Don Deere*Civil Engineering1967
Jack Kilby*Electronics Engineering1967
Edwin Gilliland*Chemical Engineering1965
Nathan Newmark*Civil Engineering1964
Charles Gear^ Information, Computing, and Communication