Yidan Prize

The Yidan Prize Foundation is a $3.9 million education prize awarded to individuals whose work makes profound contributions to education research and development, with the ultimate aim of creating a better world through education. The largest award prize in the field of education, the Yidan Prize is managed by an international judging committee and global advisory board formed by leading experts in education. The prize, which annually gives out $7.7 million in awards, is divided into two categories: Yidan Prize for Education Research, which recognizes outstanding research that amounts to significant contributions in education, and the Yidan Prize for Education Development, which recognizes innovative ideas that tackle pressing challenges in the field of education.

Award/Prize amount: $3,900,000
Application/Nomination information: Nominations are by invitation only. Self Nomination is allowed in exceptional cases.
Agency deadline: March 27, 2020
Internal/Campus deadline: N/A
Illinois campus contact: provostawards@illinois.edu
Additional information: Yidan Prize Website