Pulitzer Prize

The Pulitzer Prize is an award for achievements in newspaper and online journalism, literature, and musical composition. Pulitzer Prizes are administered by Columbia University. There are 21 categories across journalism, letters, drama, and music. Anyone can submit an entry for a Pulitzer Prize. There is a non-refundable $50 entry fee.

Award/Prize amount: $15,000
Application/Nomination information: Applications accepted. There is no restriction on who may nominate.
Agency deadline: Deadlines vary by category. See the website for details.
Internal/Campus deadline: N/A
Illinois campus contact: N/A
Additional information: Pulitzer website. Learn more about Illinois recipients on the Campus home page.

Illinois Recipients

*denotes alumni

Recipient DepartmentAward Year
Barry Bearak*2002
Michael Colgrass*1978
George Crumb*1968
Leon Dash1995
David Donald*1961 and 1988
Roger Ebert*1975
Roy Harris*1950
Beth Henley*1981
Hugh Hough*1974
Glenn Howatt*2013
Paul Ingrassia*1993
Monroe Karmin*1967
John Kim*2011
Allan Nevins*1933 and 1937
Arthur Petacque*1974
Richard Powers^English2019
James Reston*1945 and 1957
Robert Taylor*1959
George Thiem*1950
Carl Van Doren*1939
Mark Van Doren*1940
George Will*1977
Abe Zaidan*1971