LUI Che Woo Prize

The LUI Che Woo Prize aims to recognize and honor individuals or organizations all over the world with outstanding achievements and contributions in respect of the following three objectives: Sustainable development of the world, betterment of the welfare of mankind and promotion of positive life attitude and enhancement of positive energy. Unlike other international prizes which have specific fields, the LUI Che Woo Prize is a new and prestigious international accolade awarded to individuals or organisations who have displayed remarkable achievements towards the three objectives of the Prize thereby contributing to world civilization. Thus, the coverage of the LUI Che Woo Prize is very broad, the recipients not being limited to academics and scientists.

Award/Prize amount: $2,560,000
Application/Nomination information: Nominations are by invitation only.
Agency deadline:January
Internal/Campus deadline: November
Illinois campus contact:
Additional information: Lui Prize Website

Illinois Recipients