Named Faculty Appointments

Named faculty appointments are awarded to the most distinguished scholars for their excellence and prominence in research, teaching, and service. Such appointments signify a distinction beyond that implied by professorial rank. They are typically supported financially by the annual income budget from an endowment that is the result of one or more private gifts.

Named professorships and chairs recognize high achievement and promote continued faculty development in meaningful ways.

College & Departmental Chairs & Professorships

Illinois recognizes more than 200 college and departmental named chairs and professors. See College and Departmental Chairs and Professors.

University & Campus-wide Chairs & Professorships

University and campus-wide endowed appointments represent only about 10% of all named chairs and professors on the Illinois campus. This level of distinction honors eminent faculty members whose intellect and accomplishments place them among the most prominent scholars in their respective field(s). See University and Campus-wide Named Chairs and Professors.

All named chair and professorship appointments require review and approval at the campus level. For policy and procedural information about named faculty appointments, refer to Provost’s Communication #6: Named Faculty Appointments.