Excellence in Faculty Mentoring Award


The Excellence in Faculty Mentoring Award recognizes a faculty member who has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to faculty mentoring by actively assisting pre-tenure and mid-career faculty in developing their career(s). Exceptional mentoring can include offering advice, feedback and guidance on research activities, coaching on work-life balance issues, providing professional opportunities for mentees, and/or assisting in development of teaching skills. The award includes an honorarium and a personalized commemorative plaque.


Contact your college to determine its deadline for departmental submissions.

March 1 – Deadline for college or campus-level unit nominations to be submitted.

*When a deadline falls on a weekend or campus holiday, nominations will be due the next business day.


  • Tenured faculty member at Illinois
  • Served as a faculty mentor, in a formal or informal capacity, to several junior and/or mid-career faculty over a continuous period at Illinois
  • Scholar with demonstrated success in the areas s/he mentors (e.g., research, teaching)
  • Has not won this award in the previous 5 years
  • Campus-level administrators (e.g., in the offices of the Chancellor and Provost, or deans) are not eligible

Evaluation Criteria

  • A demonstrated commitment to fostering the intellectual, creative, scholarly, and professional growth of her/his mentees so that they may function effectively and with measurable success at Illinois and at the national/international level
  • Evidence of sustained commitment to a professional mentoring relationship that results in career growth or personal development of mentees


A faculty mentor may be nominated by previous or current mentees, faculty colleagues, or his/her unit executive officer.

Nomination packets must include all materials described below, and should be formatted in 12-point Times New Roman or equivalent font; single-spaced; and 1-inch margins.


Section Content Page Limitation
A. Standard cover page Attachment A 1
B. Nomination letter Address evaluation criteria described above. 3
C. Self-statement from nominee Discuss personal goals and accomplishments, philosophy, and/or outcomes associated with faculty mentoring activities. 2
D. Up to three letters of support from individuals such as:

·  Past or present mentees
·  Unit executive officer
·  Faculty

Specific examples of the mentor-mentee partnership that fostered career growth, and/or provided value to faculty development within the unit. 2 pages each
E. Supporting letter from college dean Discuss nominee’s qualifications and how s/he meets criteria. 2


Attachment A: Faculty Leadership Awards Nomination Cover Sheet


Nominations must be submitted using the online form by 11:59 p.m. March 1. If this date falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline is 11:59 p.m. the next business day.


Nominations will be reviewed by the Campus Awards & Honors Committee, who will make a recommendation to the Provost. Recipient(s) and their nominator(s) will be notified by mid-April. Awards are presented at the annual Celebration of Academic Service and Leadership Excellence.

Previous Recipients

See previous recipients of Campus Awards for Excellence in Faculty Leadership.


For more information about Campus Awards for Excellence in Faculty Leadership, contact Kim Green in the Office of the Provost at provostawards@illinois.edu or (217) 244-3689.