Literature & Arts

Literature & Arts Learning Outcomes

During the Spring 2019 General Education Assemblies for Learning Outcomes, faculty groups began to develop learning outcomes for the Literature & Arts Requirement. Then, smaller Working Groups from these Assemblies along with students and advisors worked together to digest the information from the larger group and to create draft learning outcomes for Literature & Arts (see below).

We invite feedback from the campus community on these outcomes.

After taking a course in Literature & Arts, students will be able to:

  1. Comprehension: Identify and describe the formal elements and social dimensions of literary and/or artistic works. (C-SLO 1 & 4)
  2. Critical Thinking: Analyze and interpret content while recognizing logical fallacies, social and cultural biases, and generalizations. (C-SLO 1)
  3. Communication: Communicate an appreciation and critical understanding of literary and/or artistic concepts through a variety of accessible media such as text, speech, drawing, illustration, comics, storyboards, design, film, music, dance/movement, visual art, sculpture, or video. (C-SLO 1)
  4. Cultural Understanding: Reflect on the human experience as shaped by material conditions and cultural constructions in a variety of global contexts. (C-SLO 4)
  5. Curiosity: Express curiosity by applying knowledge to reflect on the implications of literary and/or artistic works, develop research questions, and/or produce creative projects. (C-SLO 2)