Current Co-curricular Assessment Activities

Current Co-curricular Assessment Activities

Assessment Activities for 2016-2017

The Division of Student Affairs at Illinois is participating in the campus-wide effort to systematically collect and effectively use assessment information on student learning outcomes. We have developed a student learning outcomes assessment planning template that mirrors the process that academic programs have embraced, while being uniquely tailored to the co-curricular experiences that students engage at Illinois.

  • The campus will be collecting information on learning outcomes assessment.
    • Over the 2016-2017 academic year, the Illinois campus community will engage in a systematic collection of assessment information across both academic programs and student affairs programs, services, and experiences.
    • This process will begin with the completion of assessment plan templates in which all Units articulate learning outcomes, connect learning outcomes to institutional guiding documents, reflect on past student learning outcomes assessments, and plan future student learning outcomes assessment activities
    • These assessment plan templates will be due in May 2017, with follow-up work to be continued in the next academic year
  • What are some of the key features of the Student Affairs Assessment Plan Templates?
    • Target Student Audiences
      Student Affairs Departments and Units will be selecting a target student audience for the focus of their student learning outcomes. Some will examine learning outcomes for the students who use programs, services, or other experiences offered, while others will examine learning outcomes for student employees of their department or unit. Both types of experiences offer rich learning environments that connect well to desired learning outcomes in our campus community.
    • Student Learning Outcomes
      The student learning outcomes for the selected target student audience are entered into the assessment plan template so that they are clearly stated and easily accessible. For departments and units that may not have agreed-upon student learning outcomes prior to starting their assessment plan templates, resources for creating these statements are provided in the accompanying Resource Packet.
    • Acknowledging Student Learning Outcomes Connections
      All departments and units will connect their student learning outcomes to institutional documents that serve as a guide for practice, including the Student Affairs Strategic Plan, the Campus-wide Student Learning Outcomes, and the metrics that their Student Affairs department or unit tracks in the Strategic Profile Metrics hosted by the Division of Management Information (DMI). Departments and units are also welcome to connect student learning outcomes to other documents and resources that they find meaningful and useful to their work.
    • Reflection on Past Student Learning Outcomes Assessment
      All departments and units are asked to note and reflect on their experiences with student learning outcomes assessment in the past two years. This provides an opportunity to recognize areas of knowledge, expertise, and understanding, as well as to identify areas where opportunities for growth have been identified or more information is needed.
    • Assessment Planning
      In the final section of the assessment plan template, all Student Affairs departments and units are asked to write at least three questions that they would like to pursue to explore student learning at their department or unit level. Assessment plans are encouraged to span over a 3-5 year period, and not every learning outcome needs to be assessed every year. The expectation is that some assessment work will take place each year, but that it will be kept manageable and meaningful. Also, every department/unit is asked to be aware that they will be asked to engage in a student learning outcomes project during the 2017-2018 academic year, following completion of these plans.
  • What is the timeline for the Student Affairs Assessment Plans?

    Our implementation plan is as follows:

    • November 2016: Introduction of the Assessment Plan Template to Student Affairs Departments and Units
    • February 2017: Sample completed Assessment Plan Templates available
    • May 26, 2017: Completed plans due to the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs
    • Summer 2017: Collegial feedback on plans

    In the 2017-2018 academic year, all Student Affairs Departments and Units will complete a student learning outcomes assessment project, with reports due to the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs near the end of the fiscal year. More guidance and resources for these projects will be forthcoming from the Student Affairs Assessment Committee.

  • Where can I find resources and support?

    The Division of Student Affairs has charged the Student Affairs Assessment Committee with supporting this learning outcomes assessment plan work and carrying out this new partnership with the Office of the Provost. To that end, the Student Affairs Assessment Committee will be offering help sessions and consultation throughout the academic year to assist departments and units with their efforts. Watch this website for more information.

    You can also contact the Student Affairs Assessment Committee Co-Chairs at:

    • Julia Panke Makela, Associate Director for Assessment and Research at The Career Center
    • Phyllis Baker, Special Assistant to the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and Professor of Sociology

    You may also find helpful resources on the Student Affairs Assessment website.