Assessment at Illinois

Illinois is committed to assessment of educational and student programs to ensure continuous improvement of learning and development. A regular and thoughtful practice of articulating and assessing student learning outcomes allows for our campus to ensure that our graduates are receiving the world-class education that we promise. Increasingly the university is called on to demonstrate that our students have met certain learning goals, and to continuously review and affirm or improve our curricula based on feedback obtained through assessment.

The Provost’s Council for Learning Outcomes Assessment (C-LOA), created in spring 2016, promotes and guides assessment activities on our campus. An Assessment Working Group, began in fall 2014, develops resources for assessment at Illinois, such as the principles for assessment, this website, and assessment-related workshops.

In this section:

Principles for Assessment
See the standards by which we assess programs on this campus.

Illinois Student Learning Outcomes
Campus-level outcomes for all undergraduate students who graduate from Illinois.

Program Assessment
SUBMIT your assessment reports on this page, and learn more about the assessment activities taking place at Illinois.

Co-curricular Assessment
Learn more about co-curricular assessment at Illinois.