Health & Wellness Research Initiative

The Health and Wellness Research Initiative is a campus-wide initiative to aggressively advance Illinois’ health and wellness research efforts through a highly visible, campus-level initiative. The initiative was launched following the recommendations of the Health and Wellness Steering Committee and the Health and Wellness Implementation Team reports. The goals of the campus-wide program are:

  • to bring together scholars from a wide-range of units with expertise in health research
  • to expand the capacity and prominence of health and wellness research at Illinois though innovative work, new partnerships and large, multi-investigator efforts
  • to position the institution for the highest levels of success in securing external support for innovative scholarship in health and wellness arena.

For the initial three-year period of operation, the Health and Wellness Research Initiative will be housed in Huff Hall, in conjunction with the College of Applied Health Sciences’ Center on Health, Aging, and Disability. The Advisory Committee will provide oversight and guide the identification of priorities/areas of emphasis, connection with other relevant campus efforts, and engagement of key faculty in the initiative. As chair of the implementation team that proposed the initial structure for the Health and Wellness Research Initiative, Dean Tanya Gallagher (AHS) is directing the Initiative and serves as chair of the Advisory Committee.

Download the Health & Wellness Committee Final Report

Advisory Committee Members

  • Tanya Gallagher, Chair
  • Ilesanmi Adesida
  • Robert Hauser
  • Mary Kalantzis
  • Wynne Korr
  • Ruth Watkins

Implementation Committee

  • Paul McNamera
  • Rodney Johnson
  • Edward McAuley
  • Ken Watkin
  • Dorothy Espelage
  • Helen Neville
  • John Georgiadis
  • Mark Hasegawa-Johnson
  • Dolores Albarracin
  • Christopher R. Larrison

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