University High School Strategic Vision Task Force

“Uni High” is widely recognized as an excellent school and an asset to the campus. In February 2016 this task force was charged with proposing a vision for the role and purpose of Uni High, including a new financial/operating model.

Uni High Strategic Vision Task Force Charge 2016-17
Uni High Strategic Vision Task Force – Final Report 12-2016

2016-17 Committee Members

Richard Wheeler, Chair
Jeffrey Walkington, Director, University Laboratory High School
Elizabeth Majerus, Uni Faculty Representative
Sharlene Denos, Uni Faculty Representative
Steve Michael, Uni Parent-Faculty Organization Representative
Brent McBride, Child Development Lab
Amy Ando, Agricultural and Consumer Economics
Michaelene Ostrosky, Special Education
Timothy Stelzer, Physics
Matthew Tomaszewski, Associate Provost for Capital Planning, ex officio
Keith Marshall, Interim Associate Provost for Enrollment Management, ex officio