Online Innovation Advisory Board

This board provides a forum for non-residential (online) Illinois students to engage with one another and the campus about issues and needs related to the operation of our online courses and programs.

Online Innovation Advisory Board Charge AY 2017-18

2017-18 Committee Members

Eric J. Ice-Gipson, College of Business, Co-chair
Denise O’Brien-Peterson, College of Business, Co-chair
Jack Fombelle, College of Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences
Amy Zengotita, College of Applied Health Sciences
Joshua DeVincenzo, College of Education
Anila Niaz, College of Education
LaVern McCants, College of Education
Jamie Makatche, iSchool
Francisco Cruz Morales, College of Engineering
Kristen Ragusa, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Lauren Murphy, School of Labor & Employment Relations
Garrett Pauley, College of Business
Henny Wong, School of Labor & Employment Relations
Adam Fein, Office of the Provost, ex officio