Committee on Race and Ethnicity (CORE)

The Committee on Race and Ethnicity (CORE) helps to inform and support campus efforts to develop a comprehensive and actionable campus diversity strategy that includes attention to recruitment, training, education, research, communication, policy, and governance at campus and unit levels.

CORE Charge AY 2017-18

2017-18 Committee Members

Gioconda Guerra Perez, Co-chair
Wallace Southerland, III, Co-chair
Ronald Bailey
Adrian Burgos
David Chih
Latanya Cobb
Ivanhoe Favila
Jonathan Inda
Herbert Jones
Tanisha King-Taylor
Joycelyn Landrum-Brown
Martin F. Manalansan, IV
Isabel Molina
Leslie Morrow
Christopher Span
Andy Borst, ex officio
Tracy Kleparski, ex officio
Trey Price, ex officio
Medra Roberts-Southerland, Office of Diversity, Equity, & Access, ex officio